Web Design

Why do you need a website??

Today, a website is more than an organizations brochure on the internet. It is more than a marketing tool for an organization. We are moving into dynamic websites that also couple as management and collaboration tools for organizations.  

Websites serve as a link to company employees in the field to access information and sales materials online wherever they are. We therefore seek to provide our clients with much more than a conventional website.  

Our dynamic sites can be updated and edited while still online even by the clients, can have tools like

  • Online Project Management Systems
  • Customer Relationship Management tools online
  • Ticket support systems, Online accounting  
  • systems, online directories
  • calendars, members only sections, shopping charts, blogs

What do you need?

To get a website you will need the following

  1. A domain name which is your address on the web e.g www.yourcompany.com. Domain names are renewed annually.
  2. A hosting space. This is where your website files, your emails and your online applications are stored on the internet. Hosting services are also paid for annually.
  3. Web design services to build a custom website suited for your business activities to help you achieve more and reach the global market